About us

Located in the vibrant heart of Iowa City, Shapetrix Entertainment is a creative powerhouse founded in 2012 by Brandon and Karissa Humfleet. What started as a small project fueled by a passion for art and design has blossomed into a thriving business dedicated to enriching lives through creativity. At Shapetrix Entertainment, we specialize in crafting unique, hand-designed coloring books and stylish t-shirts, each created with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Our mission is to offer high-quality products that not only cater to the creative spirits of adults and children alike but also serve as a beacon of positivity in today’s fast-paced world. Whether you're unwinding with one of our adult coloring books or sharing a fun coloring activity with a child, each product is designed to bring joy and relaxation into your life. Similarly, our t-shirts are made to add a touch of personal style and comfort to your everyday wardrobe.

  • Brandon Humfleet


    Brandon earned his Bachelor's in Art from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2007 before moving to Iowa City to work as an artist at Budcat Creations. Brandon's specialty is 3D art, but he dabbles in animation and networking. When he's not being creative you can find him watching sci-fi movies or shows. He also loves tinkering.

  • Karissa Humfleet


    Karissa graduated from Mount Mercy University in 2009 with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. She currently works as an artist for Shapetrix who specializes in layout. Karissa also helps with scheduling projects and some office work. Karissa loves healthy eating and working out but her guilty pleasure is watching Netflix while relaxing on the couch.

  • Molly

    Office Mascot

    Molly keeps things lively around the office. You can often find her sleeping in her favorite chair or blanket. She loves to be around people and often times makes it difficult to work because she always is trying to find somebody who will take the time to throw her favorite toy or take her on a walk. The office wouldn't be the same without her.